[mythtv-users][OT] - How grab VHS tapes?

Alessandro Boggiano boggiano at libero.it
Wed Dec 7 14:37:50 EST 2005

Nick wrote:

> If you connect your VCR to your TV in the same manner, what channel
> does your TV tune to in order to watch something on the VCR? I'd also
> strongly recommend using S-Video or composite instead of your antenna
> coax.

When I was young (playing with the sinclair zx81 ;) ) I used to switch 
to channel 36; today with the vcr I found the 32 on my TV.

Anyway I tried every channel with PAL-ITA table with ptune-ui.pl, I was 
thinking to write down a script that:

change channel to 30
and in loop:
wait for 5 secs
grab a frame from /dev/video0
tune freq by 1

I know it very loooooong but after that with a program like gthumb I can 
  look very fast at the pictures to reconize the right frequency!

Can it be a good way?


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