[mythtv-users] LIRC not working within Myth

mythtv at jehster.net mythtv at jehster.net
Wed Dec 7 07:02:20 EST 2005

John DiLorenzo wrote:
> FYI, the LIRCD service is DOA before I use it, it seems to need the
> modprobe
> lirc_i2c before it will do anything.

Do you have i2c support in your kernel?

Device Drivers -> I2C support -> <*> I2C support
Device Drivers -> I2C support -> <*> I2C device interface

The above worked for me with my Hauppauge pvr-250 which uses i2c. Of
course, the ivtv and related modules had to be loaded first.

Also, since I'm using a kernel > 2.6.13, I had to use the lirc out of CVS.


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