[mythtv-users] alternative GPU - graphics cards with open source drivers question

Bob spam at homeurl.co.uk
Wed Dec 7 01:27:09 EST 2005

Most people round here like Nvidia GPUs as the drivers (though closed) 
work and they support XvMC (as long as you're not 64 bit yet), I gather 
some of the older (R250) Radion chips work as well and have open source 
drivers, as does one of the old Matrox cards, but for people who which 
to vote with their wallet and support companies that release open source 
drivers, the only current options are S3 and Intel.

I know some people use the UniChrome GPUs with VIA boards, and others 
have Intel chip-sets with on-board graphics, but I don't want to change 
my Motherboard, I can't find a source of S3s DeltaChrome S8 AGP graphics 
cards and I don't think the Intel GPUs come on separate cards.

The s3s http://www.s3graphics.com/en/products/delta_chrome/ look 
perfect, they have HDTV output, moderate 3D performance (enough for SNES 
emulators?), can be passively cooled and have open source drivers.

Has anyone used a DeltaChrome based graphics card with Myth, what's it 
like and where can I get one?


PS. I'm not bashing Nvidia or ATI, I have a bunch of cards from both and 
don't want this to turn into a flame war, but I do like the idea of a 
pure system and I hate the current beta driver, benchmark massage, 
shenanigans which can't happen with an open source driver.

tveeprom: Hauppauge: model = 34132, rev = J158,
tveeprom: tuner = Philips FM1236 MK3 (idx = 58, type = 4)
tveeprom: audio_processor = MSP3416 (type = 14)
(new type Model 401)
model name      : mobile AMD Athlon(tm) XP Processor
cpu MHz         : 2277.214
cache size      : 512 KB
(Plenty o' grunt on an ECS k7s5a MB)
Knoppmyth R5A16 (unmodified)
MythTV 0.18.1

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