[mythtv-users] Changing "watch recordings" groups

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Dec 6 17:20:30 EST 2005

> Excellent thanks - im running 0.18.1, and my gf would kill me if i broke it 
> upgrading to SVN, so i'll wait till 0.19.
> Definitely changing the Title to "Movies" and the Subtitle to the movie name 
> would produce the desired results...  Thanks!
> I suppose I could write a quick php interface to make the changes directly in 
> the database...  or add it (temporarily?) to mythweb..  (has this ability 
> been added to mythweb in svn?)

With 0.18, you could always use a user job either simple or fancy.  Simplest
would be just a job that took a chanid and starttime as arguments and just
ran a simple sql command to change the title and subtitle for that recording.
Then you just turn that job on for each movie you schedule.

A little more complex would be to make a job that took a chanid, starttime,
endtime, and category and it tried to look at the length of the recording and
the category and intelligently guess whether it should be moved to Movies or
not.  Then you could put this job on all recordings.

I'd take door #1 as it's simple and much easier than coding up a bunch of
php to make an editor and stuff.  Instead it's just a simple sql command piped
through mysql.


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