[mythtv-users] Is common Interface supposed to work?

Wim Fokkens wimfokkens at planet.nl
Tue Dec 6 13:50:43 EST 2005



I am trying to get Knoppmyth R5A26 working. I own a KNC1 dvb-s card with CI.
I am living in the Netherlands so all the satellite channels are encrypted.
The knoppmyth setup detects my KNC1 card correctly and a channel scan finds
all the relevant Dutch channels at Astra 19.2.

Also when I reboot my system I see the following messages.

Budged AV : CAM inserted

Dvb ca adaptor 0: cam detected and initialised successfully.


So this all sounds promising.


I set my starting channel at a free to air channel and when I start live TV,
it is working.

Thru mythweb I deleted all the channels I don't have a subscription for.


So my channel list now contains one FTA channel and several encrypted
channels witch I am allowed to watch.

But when I push the arrow up or down button in live TV (going from FTA
channel to an encrypted channel), the image freezes and after a while I get
thrown back at the main menu.


So apparently encrypted channels are not working.


Is it possible to watch encrypted channels with Myth TV, and if so how do I
get it working?


Thanks in advance



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