[mythtv-users] LIRC not working within Myth

Matthew K. Lee fratlee at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 00:14:02 EST 2005

> Hi Guys,
>  I'm slowly fixing all the problems of my Myth setup, but I just can't
> figure out my LIRC problem...
>  Here's the issue:
>  LIRCD seems to run on startup, but IRW won't work and a /sbin/service lircd
> status comes back with "lircd dead but subsys locked"
>  If I do a /sbin/modprobe lirc_i2c  and then start the service manually,
> everything looks good and irw shows me button presses like a madman...
> After getting it to work, I start up my frontend and try using the remote
> there-  nothing happens.
>  Here's my configuration:
>  Athlon 2100 running Fedora Core 4 installed using Jarod's guide
>  PVR-150 using the new grey/black remote.
>  I'm using the lircrc file for that remote listed on Jarod's page.  It seems
> to be complete and in the correct places, including a .lircrc file located
> in the MYTHTV user's home folder.

I've got the same problem.  I've searched the archives without much
luck.  The only thing that gets close is a guy who said fixed the
issue by updating his lirc-kmdl file.

I'm using FC4-i386 and atrpms.  I immediately tried to upgrade to see
if there was a newer version available.  Unfortunately I'm getting 404
errors for the stable branch of atrpms right now.

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