[mythtv-users] Jerky last few minutes

Thomas Worthington thomas at outsourceconsultancy.co.uk
Mon Dec 5 19:50:40 EST 2005

Have just set up a Mythtv box using the Freecom DVB-T USB dongle to access  
UK Freeview. Everything is working fine except that the last few minutes  
of transcoded programmes are jerky. I've just watched over an hour of a  
beautifully transcoded documentary with lots of high-motion segments with  
no  problem until about 1m 30s from the end when the sound got out of sync  
and the motion of the people in the picture started to pulse from too slow  
to too fast over and over. In addition, the bottom ~20 pixels of the  
picture were scrambled remains of what looked like the previous frame.

Although the length of time which gets this jerky effect varies from only  
30s to 4m or so, it does happen every time I transcode. On a 5 minute  
cartoon, for example, this can mean that almost the whole file enduces  

I'm transcoding from the MP2 signal to MP4 at 2200Kbs. The processor usage  
never gets above 50% on playback.

Any ideas?

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