[mythtv-users] Video card suggestions

Len Reed crunchyfrog at charter.net
Mon Dec 5 18:16:56 EST 2005

mythtv at jehster.net wrote:
> My MythTV box is currently running with an old Voodoo 4500 I had laying
> around. Since I didn't have a card with a tv-out interface, I used a
> VGA-to-composite converter I picked up on the cheap. It gets the job done,
> but tends to cause a slightly fuzzy picture and occassionally gets out of
> sync.

Yeah, those things don't work too well in my experience.

> Now I want to "upgrade" and get a card with tv-out and am looking for
> suggestions. I don't want to spend $200 on the latest ATI or nVidia with
> 17 gigs of ram or something silly. But I still want something reliable.
> Anyone want to share their experience with reasonably priced video cards?
> I'm looking for something with a composite interface. Will any of them
> work for console (framebuffer) output, or only with X?

Your TV can't handle SVideo?  That will look better and be easier to find.

I've used several inexpensive nvidia-based cards, and they work well. 
You should be able to pick one up new for US$35-50.  Composite video 
output might be hard to find in a new card, though.  And beware of cheap 
svideo-composite adapters; they give crummy results, too.


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