[mythtv-users] Seasonic PS, WAS: Silent Fan for Socket A (AthlonXP 3000)

Meatwad meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 17:30:23 EST 2005

Raphael Pooser wrote:

<big snip>

>>> Slightly off-topic, is anyone using a Seasonic power
>>> supply? I was reading some reviews and they sound promising. 80+
>>> efficiency across all loads sounds like a really good idea for and media
>>> center machine. If they are as quiet as the reviewers claim, I'll
>>> probably switch.
>> I have two Seasonic power supplies actually - I have a
>> Super Tornado 400W in my MythTV machine, and an S12 in
>> my Via EPIA-based file server.  (I was also using a
>> Super Silencer in my desktop until I picked up a P150
>> case which includes the NeoHE).
>> I find that the Seasonic power supplies are great, and
>> are very quiet.  I can't say that I've actually
>> measured real numbers on them, but the noisiest thing
>> in my MythTV machine is the two 60mm exhaust fans on
>> the back.  With those fans undervolted, the machine is
>> reasonably quiet (by reasonably, I mean, I can't hear
>> it while sitting on the couch, 10 or so feet away).
> Yeah seasonics are the quietest supply I've ever heard, or not heard 
> actually. We put an S12 in my girlfriend's athlon64 3000+ machine and 
> the PS fan spins at a constant 600rpm. It is temperature controlled but 
> I believe around 600 is the lowest it will go. Under full load it never 
> goes higher. With the included fan speed reducing connectors (they just 
> 7 volt your fans) connected to the processor and case fan, the computer 
> is completely silent, and I mean completely silent, from 3 feet away. It 
> is more quiet than my mythtv machine by far.
> Raphael

Thanks much Raphael and Joe. I'll be ordering three tonight. Apologies 
to all for the thread hijack.

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