[mythtv-users] Silent Fan for Socket A (AthlonXP 3000)

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 10:07:46 EST 2005

Peter Loron wrote:

> On Dec 1, 2005, at 10:46 PM, Bob wrote:
>> Jeff Simpson wrote:
>>> I am upgrading the processor in my myth/desktop box from an  
>>> AthlonXP 1600 to a 3000 (because it's the fastest processor my  
>>> board can support and I was going to buy another 1600 for somebody  
>>> else but opted to trade mine up and give them my old one instead).
>>> I need to get a new fan because the one I have doesn't cool enough  
>>> for a 3000. I have always gotten the Thermaltake brand and really  
>>> like them, but I want to get something quiet. I looked for the  
>>> Thermaltake SilentBoost A1889, and while it seems like a great +  
>>> quiet fan, there are NO vendors that have any stock in these,  
>>> except the ones selling it for $50 (instead of $20).
>>> I have an order placed for one, but I expect it, like the others,  
>>> will be cancelled when they realize they have no stock.
>>> So my question: Anybody have other suggestions for good silent  
>>> SocketA fans that will be happy cooling an AthlonXP 3000? I'd like  
>>> to keep cost under $30 and preferably have the noise rating close  
>>> to or under 20dBA. Thanks
>> I've got two of these
>> http://www.thermaltake.com/coolers/4in1heatpipe/cl-p0071SonicTower/ 
>> cl-p0071.htm
>> on two Athlon XP 3200s and they're awesome, my frontend goes up to  
>> 54C under heavy load with one 40Gb 7200RPM Hard-Drive and one slow  
>> spinning 120mm fan, my backend is exactly the same but plus a 200Gb  
>> 7200RPM /myth drive and I've seen 57C as measured by the sensor on  
>> the MB under the chip, (I gather there is a 7~18C difference  between 
>> that and the on-die thermistor) I'm considering taking the  thing out 
>> of the case and mounting it on the wall at which point  you wouldn't 
>> need a fan at all.
> If the SonicTower won't work (needs the P4 style through-mobo  
> mounting holes and is huge), I've had really good luck with the  
> ArcticCooling Copper Silent 2TC. The Zalman 7000/7700 are highly  
> regarded. Also check here for more info:
> http://silentpcreview.com
> -Pete
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I second the suggestion for arctic cooling.  In my experience, arctic 
cooling is generally less loud than zalman, and often cheaper. Also you 
get a 5 year warranty, so if those bearings start to squeal, you're not 
gonna be out of luck. I got the arctic cooling copper lite: 
It is extremely lightweight and also very easy to mount.  I 7-volted it 
using one of the in-series resistors that came with one of my zalman 
90mm fans.  One 7volted it is completey inaudible when inside a case for 
me.  It's cooling an athlon 1700+ Palomino, which is pretty much 
guaranteed to run hotter than your 3000+ thoroughbred or barton.  That 
said, under full load I reach only about 43C, showing how amazing the 
cooler is for the money.  Using my older AMD heatsink along with a 
zalman fan 7-volted I could get up to around 56 sometimes even 59C 
(talking summertime temps here).  For $10 this is the best socket A HSF 
you cna get for the money I'd say.
Just to tell you it's not that specific model, I also have the vga 
silencer rev 3 for my all in wonder 9700 pro.  Also silent in the low 
setting.  I also have the Silencer64 ultra TC.  That one is the copper 
lite's older brother (aluminum only though) and also an extremely great 
cooler with literally no noise whatsoever (talking max of 800rpm on the 
fan so that's why.

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