[mythtv-users] Need to prioritise cards/inputs for live tv

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Dec 4 23:42:32 EST 2005

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> William Kenworthy wrote:
>> I have a system with a DVB-T card and the composite input of an old
>> analog tuner card connected to a foxtel STB.  How do I get the system to
>> default to the DVB-T card for live tv?  It always starts with the analog
>> card? 
>> I also want to get the analog tuner up and running again, and ran into
>> the same problem - it looks like this card always takes priority over
>> the better quality DVB-T card (same channel content).  From what I can
>> see, the only priorities are to do with recording.
> mythtv-setup (not frontend Setting), Input Preferences.

Nope. Input preference has no impact on live tuner selection.

For live, by default it chooses an available card with the same
hostname as the requesting frontend. If none, it chooses the lowest
numbered cardid that is available. If none it shows a warning message.
The default input for the chosen card is initially used. Pressing
"Y" switches to the next higher available card and wraps after the
highest number. If I have five card and I'm sitting at the host for
card 4 while card 2 is in use, it will pick card 4. "Y" changes to
5. "Y' again goes to 1 and again goes to 3.

If the avoid conflict with the scheduler is checked, it ignores
hostnames and chooses the highest numbered card available. "Y" still
counts up and wraps.

For recording, for a the same showing with the same priority score,
it choose the lowest numbered cardinputid available for the sourceid
of the channel. It there are two single input cards for one video
source, the input on card 1 will be chosen unless there is a higher
priority show already assigned then it will choose card 2. If the
Input preference is higher for cardinputid 2, the showing for card
2 is considered first (priority +1) before the showing on card 1
(priority +0). Therefore the episode wins the spot on the preferred
card 2 before the same showing on card 1 is ever considered.

--  bjm

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