[mythtv-users] Need to prioritise cards/inputs for live tv

glen martin lists at locutory.org
Sun Dec 4 20:59:30 EST 2005

I had a problem like this a long time ago, and if memory serves there
wasn't an option as such. The selection priority was at the time
selected by order of adding the card to the database. So you might have
to toss your current card setup and do it again, setting up the DVB-T
card first.

Again, very historical and from memory, so this may not currently be, or
ever have been, true. :) You may wish to wait and see if anyone else has
a better answer.


William Kenworthy wrote:

>I have a system with a DVB-T card and the composite input of an old
>analog tuner card connected to a foxtel STB.  How do I get the system to
>default to the DVB-T card for live tv?  It always starts with the analog
>I also want to get the analog tuner up and running again, and ran into
>the same problem - it looks like this card always takes priority over
>the better quality DVB-T card (same channel content).  From what I can
>see, the only priorities are to do with recording.
>using .18 on gentoo

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