[mythtv-users] [OT] Trancoding 'live'

glen martin lists at locutory.org
Sun Dec 4 15:43:04 EST 2005

glen martin wrote:

>Michael T. Dean wrote:
>My front-end can't support HD playback, and my TV can't display it. But
>I like the aspect ratio and extra channels (eg. 5 subchannels on PBS) of
>>your best option for "live" transcoding from ATSC -> NTSC is plugging
>>the S-Video/Composite out of your cable box into a PVR-x50.  If you're
>>using OTA instead of cable, you could get a STB ATSC receiver (like
>>-- note that I don't recommend this one as I've never used it, but
>>it's the type of thing you would need).
>That's an approach I hadn't considered. So for OTA use, I could get
>something like this standalone ATSC receiver, set it for 480i output,
>feed that into a PVR-250 through the s-video input, and use MythTV as
>usual including pause etc. Interesting. I had a mental block on that,
>but seems obvious once you suggest it.
The only downside seems to be a roundtrip through analog between the
external box and the PVR-250.


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