[mythtv-users] Re: Mythbackend losing sql connection on the start of some recordings

Michael Eldridge meldridge at mac.com
Sat Dec 3 17:56:33 EST 2005

Count me in as another user that's having the exact problem you're  
having with mythbackend and mysql 5(.0.16 on gentoo for me).

I have to restart the backend about once a day for things to work  
properly. Should we open a ticket about this issue?

On 11/28/05, Sasha Z <kleptophobiac at gmail.com> wrote:

> I seem to be losing the database connection before some recordings,
> but not all. Mysql is *not* dying, and I am able to open and
> manipulate the database via the mysql console without trouble.
> Mythbackend itself isn't crashing either, it's just no longer able to
> communicate with the database.

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