[mythtv-users] Using ALSA's "Softvol" plugin to create a volume control for SPDIF output?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sat Dec 3 17:56:35 EST 2005

Paul V. Gratz wrote:

>Hey All,
>  A little while back someone mentioned that you could use softvol to
>create a volume control for S/PDIF output. I've been trying to make
>this work.  I've got S/PDIF output working great (thanks to help from
>reading this mailing list and a few sites found w/ google) however my
>receiver is placed in side a thing that does not allow IR access to it
>w/o opening it.  I'd like to set my receiver's volume at a certain
>level for normal listening and then use softvol to adjust it down from
>there when we want to lower it (IE, at night when others are sleeping
>or whatever). Here is what I tried for my .asoundrc:
>pcm.spdifvol {
> type softvol
> slave.pcm "spdif"
> control {
>    name "SPDIF Playback Volume"
>    card 0
> }
>but I'm not sure how to use this. Any ideas?
Maybe this helps



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