[mythtv-users] Yet Another New OSD: Gray-OSD

Greg Grotsky spikeygg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 13:21:00 EST 2005

Todd: Just drop the extracted directory "Grey-OSD" into your
/usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/ directory, then it'll show up in the
selection box.

Greg: This theme is excellent!  But I've found an issue with it... not sure
if your done but there isn't any OSD info when I go into edit mode to
manipulate the cutpoints.

Thanks for the excellent work!

On 12/3/05, Todd Houle <thoule at wesleyan.edu> wrote:
> Sorry if it is out there - but I can' t seem to find documentation.
> How do I install the new OSD?
>    Todd
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