[mythtv-users] Recording Composite Input

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Dec 3 12:44:49 EST 2005

Adam Rosi-Kessel wrote:
> I'm attempting to record composite input (from a VCR) on a Plextor
> ConvertX PX-TV402U.  I can't quite figure out how to setup the composite
> input to not have any channels associated with it. If I have it set as
> (none) under Input Connections, it doesn't show up in "Watch Live TV."

You have to have one channel. In mythtv-setup, create a video
source with no grabber. Go to Channel Editor and create a new
channel associated with the new source. In Input connections,
associate the new source with the input. You will then have
a channel you can 'tune' to for that input and can choose for
setting a Manual recording.

> And a related question I forgot to include: even after I've defined a
> 'tuner' and 'composite' input, I can't seem to switch between them by
> pressing 'C' in the 'Watch TV' window. Is there any special trick to
> making that work? Pressing 'C' stays on my 'composite' input.

Same thing. There wasn't a channel to tune to on the other input.

--  bjm

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