[mythtv-users] remote-controlled mythfrontend?

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Sat Dec 3 01:34:23 EST 2005

    Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2005 16:40:28 -0600
    From: Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net>

    No, there is no facility in Myth to send playback commands to a frontend 
    to make it play something.  The closest are the MythWifi type 
    applications that let you send remote keypresses to the frontend but you 
    still need to get the combination correct.  And out of curiosity, why 
    are you using MythWeb on a different computer from your TV to start 
    watching a program on a TV across the room that you are not in front of? 

Well, I'm -sort of- in front of it.  Think of a setup where I've got
a real desktop in front of me, and a large TV display in my line of
sight at a comfortable viewing distance.

I was really impressed with the organizational ability of mythweb to
show me a lot of information on the high-res computer screen that's
right in front of me, with a good interface (e.g., keyboard & mouse), [*] 
and it'd be nice to take advantage of that seamlessly:  if I can
delete or otherwise muck around with recordings as shown by mythweb,
why not watch them, too?  And that way I can use the computer display
for what it's intended (dense display of lots of text) without trying
to strain my eyes reading a tenth as much text, fuzzily, on the TV.

There's another reason lurking here, too---it'd be really nice to be
able to jump around in realtime in mythweb's display, effectively
"queueing up" the next thing to show, while the TV is still showing
the last thing---basically VJ'ing.  This is in pursuit of a media
analysis system, though, rather than an entertainment application :)
[The real-time nature is important, because there may be discussion
amongst the group that would cause the operator to pick a recording
out of a library, so they can't just be edited together in advance
and queued up as a single recording.]

[*]  [When it's not confusing me and putting weird stuff in my
to-be-recorded queue, anyway; see my bug report of 12/1 21:27:22
about "various mythweb manual scheduling bugs in 1.18.1".]

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