[mythtv-users] Choppy MythVideo(xine) when recording Television

Paul Leppert phlepper at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 17:06:19 EST 2005

Hi All!

I am having a problem where when the mythtv box is recording television,
sound playback of videos (via mythvideo) is choppy.  I am using xine for the
video playback and if I go and stop the recording, the videos play back
fine.  I'd appreciate any feedback anyone has.


This wasn't a problem in a previous install (using the same hardware but
with a new SATA drive), so I'm wondering if this could be caused by my hard
drive (re)configuration:

Previous configuration:

Two 250Gb IDE drives configured with LVM where the mythvideo folder
(/videos) was using xfs and was in the same partition with the tv recordings
(/recordings) and the drives also contained the partitions for linux

 (This configuration worked fine and I never noticed any problems with
mythvideo playback even while recording two tv shows simultaneously)

Current configuration:

Two 250Gb IDE drives configured with LVM but used for the mythvideo folder
*only* (all 500Gb dedicated to mythvideo) using xfs
One 250Gb SATA drive configured with LVM and used for the tv recordings
(xfs) as well as the partitions for linux boot/swap/root

 (In this configuration, I get stuttery sound in mythvideo when recording
even one tv show (whether via the PVR-250 or via HDTV using the HD-3000)

For complete details of the new partitions, see my installation notes at

I was hoping the separate SATA drive for the tv recordings would provide
faster performance since I would have multiple programs recording
simultaneously and the IDE drives would be well-suited for my DVD library
(mostly read access).  Is this inherently wrong?  Does SATA somehow take
priority over IDE?  Would I be better off using all IDE or all SATA (don't
really want to have replace my IDE drives, if I can avoid it)?

By the way, this is an AMD XP 3200 system with 512Mb of RAM and an Abit
NF7-S mobo.

I'd appreciate any feedback on this configuration and would be happy to
provide additional information if needed

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I
understand.  --  Confucius
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