[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au (1.44... 1.45?)

Michael Smith myth at immir.com
Fri Dec 2 14:23:28 EST 2005

I wrote:
> I've updated the script to version 1.44; this one takes the channel 
> names in the config file, eg "Prime Southern", and *matches* against 
> the column header from the web page to determine the appropriate 
> column for that channel. So, "Prime Southern", being a substring of 
> column.
> The names are used as regular expressions in the match (case ignored), 
> so you could easily modify the config file to make it reasonably 
> resilient to changes in the web page channel names (eg, replace 
> 'southern cross ten capital' with 'ten' or 'capital' etc).
>   http://www.immir.com/tv_grab_au
OK, a warning before upgrading to this version, and a request for 

Some of the channel names in the list at the end of the script contain 
non-alphanumeric characters that have special meanings in regular 
expressions. As a consequence, switching to this version may cause the 
script to fail to match the channel in the config file with the one on 
the web page.

If you're familiar with regular expressions, this is easy to get around. 
Anyone here *not* familiar with regular expressions?

My suggestion: I change the code (for version 1.45 :-)) to check whether 
the channel name is of the form "/regexp/" and in that case do the 
matching; otherwise just do a straight string match as before. So, users 
familiar with editing config files and happy making their own regular 
expressions can easily take advantage of the new feature, while past 
behaviour isn't broken.

Comments? If I don't hear something interesting beforehand I'll release 
another update with this change tomorrow night.


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