[mythtv-users] Feature request / discussion - Record Button Behavior

Jeff Simpson llcooljeff at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 12:24:09 EST 2005

We had a discussion on here awhile ago about what we thought the record
button should do,
both in the normal case and in the case of missing guide data. I just
thought of a new feature
I'd like to see, curious to hear what people think.

I was flipping channels last night and came across a program already
showing. As I'm watching
it, I think "this is really good, I want to record it!" so I hit record, and
keep watching. While it's recording,
I go on mythweb, look up the program, schedule a later recording to get the
whole thing, go into the frontend,
delete the current recording, go back to live TV to continue watching it.
Seems complicated when all I wanted
to do was make sure I recorded the full program if it was on later. So
here's the idea that I came up with:

Option A). Multiple record buttons, users can map whichever one they want to
the actual red circle on the remote.
The standard button will be the same, immediately start recording the
current program. The "advanced" record button
will work as follows:

Option B). Advance Record button: when you hit record (and there is guide
data), it will tell you what the current program is,
how long it is, and how far in you are. It will give you these options:
- Record Now
- Find and record a later showing
- Cancel

Find and record a later showing would have some kind of feedback where it
would let you know if the show is on again and if
it can be recorded. If it can, it will be, and if not, it will let the user
know and allow them to still immediate record.

Again, I'm not sure how useful this feature is - this is the only time I ran
into that situation, I just wasn't sure how common it
was or if anyone else liked the idea. In my case it was a star wars
making-of special on the history channel that ran 10-midnight,
and there was another showing at 2am. A lot of specials and movies show that
way, one in primetime or a little later, and a repeat
in the middle of the night.

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