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Jason Sharpe mythtv.list at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 19:58:47 EST 2005

I agree, very VERY frustrating.

I have built a couple of standalone front ends and both of them are
stuttering (one worse then the other). SD plays back pretty well, however HD
is a different story. Sometimes I can get decent performance however most of
the time I want to jump out of the window.


MSI 915G Mobo
P4 3.0
1 Gig DDR400
Nvidia 6600 GT PCIx

I am also seeing combing, however from the previous comment I agree that it
is probly showing 1080i content on in 720p. My guess is that is probly
causing some other issues as well, not just combing, the front end has to
scale down the picture to display it, I am sure that the processing power
used to do that could improve playback.

Since my theater and the plasma are only going to show 720p does anyone know
of a good way  to set it up so myth looks at every show after recording
finishes and automatically transcodes shows in 1080i to 720p? (user job
I am new to myth (and Linux) so I haven't explored everything yet..:)

I am looking forward to solving the problems, I can't WAIT to ditch my Tivo.


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> Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 12:53:44 -0500
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> Regarding:
>      The system is a 3.06 GHz P4 running Fedora Core 3.  The video Card
> > is a NVidia 5200FX.  For capture, all I have is a HD3000.  I've checked
> > that DMA is working on all the drives.  I built mythtv from stable
> > source, 0.18.1.  I used the following configure options:
> >
> > --enable-xvmc --enable-opengl-vsync --enable-dvb
> > --dvb-path=/lib/modules/2.6.12-1.1381_FC3smp/build/include
> > --disable-firewire --disable-joystick --disable-ivtv --enable-proc-opt
> > --disable-xvmc-vld --enable-opengl-vsync
> >
> I have close to an identical system; and I have what is probably
> equivalent
> stuttering.  HDTV (live or recorded) is totally unplayable in myth.  I
> have
> tried with and without opengl sync.  I can't find the xvmc option in the
> gui
> with this myth version to disable xvmc for testing.  Recorded 1080i plays
> badly (with frequent pauses and never with audio sync) in mplayer with
> xvmc
> and ffmpeg12mc and plays even worse without xvmc.  I'll try transcoding my
> latest sample clips to see if they are fine when played back at standard
> resolutions.
> I've got
> 3.06 GHz P4 (which is a 533Mhz FSB chip)
> 512 MB Ram
> BE7-RAID mobo
> Nvidia 5200FX
> Fedora Core 3
> Night before last's myth svn.  No deinterlacing requested.
> Prebuffer pauses all over the place.
> I think what we really need is an hdtv playback test suite external to
> myth
> to get better benchmarks on actual system performance.  From previous
> posts
> to the list ("well I got *my* P4 1.4Ghz system to playback hdtv") I think
> that my system *should* be able to playback hdtv without issue, but
> perhaps
> there are some motherboard weaknesses or such that make it impossible.
> Very frustrating.
> Thanks!
> Jean
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