[mythtv-users] about transcoding and auto-transcoding

Alan alan at ufies.org
Thu Dec 1 18:13:57 EST 2005

Hey all.  Just wondering if transcoding and auto-transcoding has
documentation somewhere, as I'm a bit fuzzy as to what it is and how it
all works.  

My impression was that setting a recording to auto-transcode will
convert (after finished recording of course) from native mpeg2 (large
filesize) down to divx or xvid or something with much smaller size.  Is
that about right?  

Currently I have a 30 min daily tv show scheduled with auto-flag
commercials and auto-transcode with default profile and autodetect
transcoder.  Recorded 30 minute shows are still 1.1G in size.  The info
in mythweb shows 

has commflag: yes has cutlist: no is editing: no auto-expire: yes has
bookmark: yes

Which seems pretty normal, except the size of 1.1G is pretty big, or is
that indeed a smaller size.

Also is transcoding related to the nuvexport script?

So my question is how can I tell if auto-transcoding is working, and if 
it is working, is 1.1G for 30 minutes normal?

If it's not working, what results should I have?  

TIA (again :)

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