[mythtv-users] Re: yet another mythtv theme "RETRO"

gerhard aldorf gerhard at aldorf.no
Thu Dec 1 17:35:39 EST 2005

> Love the direction of the OSD. Whats the direction/intent for the theme
> though? Retro makes me think old style stereo equipment, this just looks
> like old pictures?

My intent was to make a simple and clean theme pluss I do like old rettro 
equipments from the estetics of it. All watermarks er made  in 3D. The OSD is 
something I did a long time ago and you might have it allready installed on 
you system.

> I like the looks of that theme very much.  It's
> simple, but elegant.
> Is there a particular Qt theme that you recommend
> using with it?  Also, the font, is that a TrueType
> font from Windows (it looks like Franklin Gothic
> Medium).
> -- Joe
The "screenshots" er photoshop mockups with Franklin Gothic. The fonts 
actually used  are the ones that come with mythtv, I will look into that 
later. Suggestions for fonts are welcome I'm not good with  fonts. I do 3D 
animations and motion graphics, mostly for TV.


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