[mythtv-users] My TV turned into the Hulk!

Jeff Simpson llcooljeff at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 16:48:50 EST 2005

On 12/1/05, Joey Moe <family_geek at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I had a successful mythbox install....( using the
> Slackware 9.1 instructions ) which was hacked a couple
> of moths ago. I decided to rebuild, so I updated the
> mainboard, processor, and memory.
> The system now has a AMD 2600 Processor, 1 GB of RAM,
> 2 -  300Gb HD, and a WinTV PVR 350.
> I the install is going smoothly up until I have to
> test the video out. I get sound beautifully, but my
> screen is washed out in green and purple. I am using
> the comosite out since that worked last time.  I think
> I can rule out the PVR driver, because I get perfect
> video out through mplayer. I am not sure if it's the
> cables, the TV or what. If anyone has had this problem
> /and/or a fix let me know please.
> I am documenting this process and will be making the
> Slackware 10.0 MythTV  install directions available
> shortly there after.

Ahh, the magic green screen for the PVR-350.

Basically, there are a few differences between various versions of the
PVR-350, and you have one of the ones that likes to be green (I have it
too). You'll need to do a bit of registry hacking to fix it, but it's a very
easy fix. I copied this from a post I made to the myth and ivtv list a few
months (maybe a year?) back. You can probably search the archives for "350
green" and come up with dozens of posts about it, but this is the one you'll
be looking for.

Your results may vary, make sure to back up the register maps before making
changes  (ivtvctl -G, I believe)

REG: 0x6C
VAL: (bits from LSB to MSB): First 3 bits - color. Normal color is 110
(rightmost digit a 6 or an E). The first bit is the "make it an
ugly *green*" flag. I assume the other two are red and blue, but they
weren't as apparent as the *green* was. The other 5 bits are the
horizontal position, larger number is further to the right. I cranked
it all the way up to get a well-located picture.

ivtvctl -j reg=0x6c,val=0xFE -d/dev/video0

REG: 0x6D
VAL: (LSB to MSB) first 5 bits - vertical offset (larger number is
further down). The last three bits are the large adjust for the
horizontal adjust. So there's a total of 8 bits of horizontal
adjustment, the lower 5 bits are the low bits of 0x6C and the upper 3
bits are the upper 3 bits of 0x6C. I'd like to meet the engineers who
designed this card.....

I went looking for registers that would fix the color problems - I got
some really weird results from a lot of them. I found some that made
the picture grainy, some that made it black and white, some that made
the colors REALLY bright.
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