[mythtv-users] Adding movies to MythTV

Richard Smith rick_t_smith at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 06:32:22 EST 2005

Phill Edwards wrote:

>>I'd like to add external movies in different formats, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc.
>>to MythTV.
>>The same goes for mp3 and photos.
>>I couldn't find any documentation related to how can I do it.
>For music you need to use the MythMusic application. For photos you
>need MythGallery. For external movies it's MythVideo. Have a bit of a
>search around for these. There's probably not a huge amount of docco
>on them. I think most people just go into the apps and start playing
>with them to see how they work.
>You will need to go into the Setup screens for them first to tell Myth
>which directories the files will all live in.
I'd have to agree with you on the documentation - it really needs a few 
simple pointers.  No doubt if everything works first time it's not hard 
but I've tried all three and struggled to make them work at first.  I'm 
OK with MythGallery, but still failing with Music.......


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