[mythtv-users] Do DVB card "encode"?

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Thu Dec 1 04:18:40 EST 2005

Weston, Toby wrote:

>Hi Folks,
>Might be a silly question, but my PVR-250 had a hardware encoder (or is it
>decoder!?) which was great, I'm wondering if DVB cards have/need the same


>I kind of thought that because the signal is digital that it doesn't
>need to encode it so no hardware encoder was needed? 

That's right.

>Having installed a
>couple of Nova-T's though, the system is really slow making me wonder if the
>CPU is forced to do allot more work than when I had the PVR-250...

A DVB card does NOT put much load on the cpu.  The digital stream is 
just dumped in the recording file. 

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