[mythtv-users] mythplugins ---> correct install directory

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 02:46:06 EST 2005

On 11/30/05, Ben <debian-list at blueturtles.com> wrote:
> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> > Depends on your installation.  If your installation is configured for
> > /usr/local as the prefix, then /usr/local/lib is correct.  If it is
> > configured for /usr then /usr/lib is correct.
> > Kevin
> >
> Kevin,
>           Everything else myth seems to go to /usr/local on my Debian
> system.  Half of the plugins go to /usr/lib/myth/plugins and the other
> half to /usr/local/lib/mythtv/plugins (these show up in myth).  Indeed,
> if I symlink to the plugins in /lib/mythtv/plugins/ then they show up
> under myth.  I suspect that the make files have had the leading
> /usr/local omitted for the install_root variable.  Does this sound correct?
> Cheers Ben
> _______________________________________________

If you are rolling your own packages (using sources from official SVN
or official stable) then you can specify where you want your installs
to go (I believe default is /usr/local).  If you are using deb's or
something similar (not your own packages) and they are all from the
same source, they should also be installing the same location.  If
this is not the case, you are far better off contacting the maintainer
of these packages to let them know of their 'error'.


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