[mythtv-users] How big is your database?

Claude Boucher mythtv.user at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 00:36:24 EST 2005

I've been running a Myth system for 9 months now, with programming for 
113 channels, 125 videos and 1700 music tracks (for a total of 411,682 
records as of now) and I keep it between 35-50 MB. I usually optimize my 
database once a week, removing deleted data with phpMyAdmin.

I would say the size of the 'mythconverg' database is probably not your 
biggest problem, as far disk usage is concerned.


f-myth-users at media.mit.edu wrote:

>I'm about to repartition, leaving everything except recordings in an
>ext3fs partition, and putting all recordings into JFS.  But I'd rather
>not discover that I've made the ext3 too small, and I'd rather not
>waste gigs making it too big.
>The only thing I have no idea about is whether the mysql database
>tends to grow monotonically or not, and how large it typically gets.
>Can somebody give me an idea of how large a database typically is
>after Myth has been used a long while, or how fast it grows?  I'm
>guessing that deleting a recording will correctly flush everything
>else associated with it (cutlist, mythcomflagging, etc), but does the
>DB keep any records of -everything- I've ever recorded, and will those
>be likely to expand to large proportions?  (Basically, does the DB
>bloat/leak as time goes on...)

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