[mythtv-users] Re: Front end choice: Mac Mini versus VIA EPIA. Mac OS X remote control?

Brad mythtv at braddolman.com
Wed Aug 31 09:30:25 UTC 2005

I don't have a Mac Mini, but have also considered getting one to use  
as a front-end. I agree that they seem to be cheaper than comparably  
equipped PCs, and considerably nicer. As for being quiet, they  
definitely are that. There seems to be some people that are reporting  
loud fans in some situations, but when I tried doing a few things  
with one I couldn't even tell there was a fan. I do think that the  
DVD drive may be pretty noisy though. Although, I currently have a  
Pundit frontend with a DVD and I don't think it could be louder than  
that... and even its bareable.

As for remotes, there are several available - just Google and you'll  
turn up a bunch. I've been using my Powerbook as an occasional front- 
end and use Salling Clicker so that I can control it from my  
bluetooth phone. I also wrote a very basic action suite for Clicker  
that gives you basic control of MythTV, its available here (http:// 
homepage.mac.com/bdolman/FileSharing1.html) if you want to check it out.

> Finally how quiet is the Mac Mini? It has a fan, which I couldn't
> hear in the shop, but then shops are noisy. EPIA 8000s are truly
> silent.
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