[mythtv-users] Samba mount RW

Zak onlydarksets at mahshie.net
Tue Aug 30 15:11:25 UTC 2005

i've only used nfs for linux-to-linux networking. i use samba only for 
the windows boxes. i can't comment on using samba for linux-to-linux 
shares. however, if you want to try nfs, you just share the directories 
by changing the contents of /etc/exports. then, make sure nfs is running 
on the machine sharing the directory. then in /etc/fstab on the client, 
mount the server directory as "". that should do it.

see this for more info:

Tyler Edwards wrote:

> I have a master backend where all of the video resides in the computer 
> room. I also have a slave backend located in the TV room. I can watch 
> recorded shows with no problem on the slave backend but every time 
> that tuner is called on to record a show I get permission errors and 
> the backed crashes. I’ve read that only the root user can access a 
> samba mount as RW unless you stipulate the user or group in the mount 
> command. I’ve don’t this but still get permission errors. When I look 
> at the properties for the mount as the mythtv user it is read only, 
> which would explain why I can watch but not record. If I try and 
> change the permission settings I get a warning saying that you can’t 
> change permission on that type of device. What should the mount line 
> look like in the fstab for samba to mount RW for the mythtv user? 
> Should I be using NFS instead? If so, how do you do that. I’ve tried 
> to read the how to but am greatly confused. Any thoughts?
> Tyler
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