[mythtv-users] lirc_serial - All working fine accept IR LED.

Deon Bredenhann deon1 at propellerheads.co.za
Tue Aug 30 12:29:08 UTC 2005

> I'm confused by the light that appears when you swap the cable round - is
> it an IR LED or not? If it is it certainly shouldn't light up!!
It is an IR LED viewed through a digital camera.

> I'd check with a visible (eg. red) LED first to make sure you get some
> sort of flicker and then if you have a newish video camera, you'll find
> that it can see IR and you can check the connections of the IR LED by
> looking at it with that..
With a normal LED and IR LED it is the same. Light is on if I reverse the connections.
Switching it back it is off. But running irsend does send successful
according to /var/log/message, but nothing happens on the LED itself, no
flicker or on state even with SEND_START, which should be a permanent

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