[mythtv-users] frustrating comments about sample rates (what not to do)

Larry Symms lsymms at comcast.net
Tue Aug 30 03:12:24 UTC 2005

Isaac Richards wrote:

>Why is there a problem?  The sampling rate is always read from the file, not 
>the database, on playback.
That was my first impression as well when skimming over the source, but 
apparently (at least to my feeble eyes) not the case.  If I set the 
sample rate to 32000 it records at 48000 because it can't or won't 
change the sample rate with ivtvctl and there's a time discrepancy (I 
can only say for sure this happens when watching while recording but it 
definately doesn't happen after commercial flagging).  If I set the 
sample rate to 48000 it records at 48000 and everything is fine.  So I'd 
have to assume it's getting 32000 from the db because all the mpg 
headers say 48000 regardless of what I set.  It's the only thing I 
change and it only changes in the db.  I can't say for sure where this 
is happening cause I haven't found it yet but when and if I do I'll post it.


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