[mythtv-users] Single Recod - Not Listed

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Aug 29 21:07:01 UTC 2005

Greg Grotsky wrote:
> Anyone know what "Single Record - Not Listed" means in the EPG?  I

Yes. The intention is to let you know that the listings changed
after you set a kSingleRecord or kOverrideRecord. The rule no
longer finds a match in the current listings and therefore the
scheduler will not record it.

For you, you are now aware there is a problem to be fixed rather
than maybe (or maybe not) realizing some time later that the movie
you asked for never showed up as recorded as happens with the
leading commercial DVR. For me, I'll be popping a bottle of
Champagne because it succeeded in alerting you to the problem =).

> scheduled some movies to record that were off in the future and I have
> since been recompiling and installing newer versions of MythTV (svn).

You didn't say which grabber you are using but there are new
changes to the EIT parsing that may effect if a program matches
a single record rule.

For a single record to match, the title (or search criteria for
search rules), station (the same "chanid" or a channel with with
the same "callsign" as the "chanid" where the rule was set) and
starttime must all match for the show to be scheduled to record.
> Now when my "single record" movies come up they are not getting
> recorded.  I go into the EPG or the upcoming recordings and they all
> say "Single Record - Not Listed", but it's right there in the EPG.

For good meausre, run:

mysqlcheck -r -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg

in case there is any corruption that may be causing a problem
and restart your master backend in case this is just some
temporary confusion.

If not, for some reason they are no longer a match. It may be a
subtle change in the title or a change in the channel info or
starttime. However, if the status is marked for the item in the
EPG, that would most likely mean that the starttime and channel are
the same so the title is the most likely culprit. I just updated to
current SVN and all the single records I set several days ago still
match so it is not a generic problem. It may be related to the EIT
changes or your listing provider may have made a change where
these titles are no longer an exact string match.

Go to one of the "N"s on the Upcoming Recordings list, press Enter
and change the type to "Do not record this program" to remove the
offending rule first and avoid confusion. Go the the EPG and set a
new single record rule to see if it succeeds.

Assuming it does, the bad news is that you may have to do the same
not only for the singles that showed up as "N" but possibly for
other recurring rules where the titles may no longer match. On the
"Set Priorities" page, rules in white have no scheduled recordings.
The good news is that you have the opportunity to fix these before
you miss any recordings.

--  bjm

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