[mythtv-users] Archiving Shows to DVD

Martin Bene martin.bene at icomedias.com
Mon Aug 29 19:54:59 UTC 2005

Hi Matt, 

> Either way, my DVD 
> player would never play any audio with the mythburn scripts 
> when I used them last winter because the sound was MPEG2 PCM 

As promised earlier, a new release of MythBurn is available that lets
you recode audio to ac3 format if 
- video format is ntsc 
- there's no ac3 audio stream in the original file 
- the option to recode mpeg2 to ac3 is set 
- you've got ffmpeg and a decoder for mpeg2 audio (like mpg123 or
madplay) installed. 

Other changes in this release: 
- changed ordering of audio streams for recordings with multiple audio
streams. Streams are sorted first by format and next by PID / PES-ID.
sort order for format depends on the video format: pal gets first mpeg2
then ac3 streams, ntsc gets ac3 first and mpeg2 next. This should help
compatibility issues with older ntsc players. 
- added dependancy checks to the install script; installation should now
warn you if you're missing any required tools. 

same installation procedure as last time: download
http://mabene.icomedias.com/mythburn/mythburn.tar.gz, unpack to a
directoy of your choice, run install.sh script. 

if you're upgrading, unpacking or copying over your existing
installation shouldn't hurt anything. please rerun install.sh to
initialize new config settings. both ffmpeg and mpg123 (or madplay) are
only required if you want to use audio recoding.

There's a nice wiki page about MythBurn installation and requirements at
which is fairly up to date. If you feel there's something missing or
have further information, please update :-)
Bye, Martin
PS: if anyone can tell me how to transcode a "raw" mpeg2 audio file to
ac3 without adding new dependencies I'd be most interested.

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