[mythtv-users] Pundit-R & Myth notes

Zak onlydarksets at mahshie.net
Mon Aug 29 15:34:04 UTC 2005

Thanks for the info!  So, you were able to fit the HD-3000 in the 
Pundit-R case OK?  Also, is HD playback pretty smooth with the intel 
2.53GHz p4 Northwood?  I'm about to give up on the xbox, but if I go to 
dedicated PCs I want to do HD.


Blastzone wrote:

> After almost 5 months of work, I finally have a running MythTV 
> system!  I'm looking forward to having real recording, show archives, 
> and all of those fun things you can do with Myth.  It's been a pretty 
> big project, and I ran into quite a few roadblocks along the way.  
> I've put many of my notes online, in the hopes that they might help 
> others with their systems.  They're pretty stream-of-thought, but 
> there are nuggets of info in there, I'm sure.
> If you're looking at putting together a system based on an ASUS 
> pundit-r, I recommend looking through at least the first part of my 
> notes.  The motherboard on those systems does not like SATA Hard 
> Drives & PATA DVD drives.
> I also ran into issues with segfaulting internal players, hauppauge 
> tuners that wouldn't initialize, HD-3000 cards and no OTA HD 
> broadcasts.  You can find my comments at:
> http://www.blastzone.net/~kamikazi/hardware/mythtv 
> <http://www.blastzone.net/%7Ekamikazi/hardware/mythtv>
> Thanks again to all online who helped!
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