[mythtv-users] Watching nuv in windows.

Joshua King jkingkard-hotmail at yahoo.com.au
Mon Aug 29 12:39:30 UTC 2005

Here's some (I just went the DSMyth route):

Pros (for DSMyth):
* Easy to set up and small on Windows and no setup on the backend (with
MythWeb installed)
* Streams the recording as is so low performance hit to the backend
* Supports Live TV
* Got some extra support for listing programs, getting descriptions from
Database, integration with Explorer.

* Streams the recording so if you use a high bitrate it might be choppy on
low-bandwidth networks (like wireless).
* Changing channels in Live TV mode is buried -- better off just scheduling
a recording from MythWeb and starting to watch that.
* Windows Media Player isn't perfect for it (might try a different player
like the ticket suggests)
* Will have some problems with some types of files (like DVB according to
the news)

Pros (for MythstreamTV):
* Transcodes the recording on the fly so can use better streaming methods
And lower bandwidths without sacrificing quality on the recording.
* Should require no installation on a Windows machine?

* Transcodes the recording on the fly so could impact backend performance.
* Doesn't seem to support live TV.
* Requires installation on the backend, not as simple to setup.
* Only seems to support MPEG-2 input.

I've set up DSMyth for my backend (it's the first time anyone else in the
house has been willing to use my Myth box) but over my 11b wireless it's a
little choppy. I was installing Mythstreamtv on my backend to see if it
would stream across the Internet but I gave up (didn't want to install VLC
etc over my remote SSH tunnel in case it died), might pick that back up
later in the week.

Joshua King

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