[mythtv-users] Re: [mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #157: Patch to showcurrent recordings status on LCD

Paul mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Mon Aug 29 10:06:14 UTC 2005

I'm glad someone else is seeing this - I thought I was going mad!

I did try updating to svn shortly after Isaac committed my patch and
did see the problem you described. Unfortunately I use a DVB card
on my system and the recent changes to the DVB stuff made by system
freeze when changing channel so I had to revert back to a previous build.

Because no one reported a problem with the LCD stuff I thought it must
be a local problem with a bad merge or the DVB stuff causing problems.

I'm actually in the process of  making some big changes to the way the LCD
stuff works. In the mean time could you try this change:

change line 2316 in libmyth/themedmenu.cpp


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>  Guys, I think this patch broke my LCD fucntionality.  I have a 2x16,
>and now when I let the machine idle (expecting it to display the time)
>it will shuffle through seemly-random LCD displays that once were on
>the unit.

>  Right now, It shows old time (about 10 minutes off), then a screen
>from mythmusic showing "e Reason" and a line below it, then it shows
>"Please Wait", then a blank screen, then a channel/station from LiveTV
>with what was on the last time I was viewing it.  Anyway, you get the
>point, it's busted.

>  I've tried switching off the "show recording status" in the LCD
>configure page hoping it would revert to the old, clock-only, mode but
>it doesn't fix the problem... it still shuffles through a bunch of
>random screens and doesn't update the clock at all.

>Any ideas?


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