[mythtv-users] Image/schematic of wiring?

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Mon Aug 29 09:56:13 UTC 2005

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 02:36:21 -0700, Tom E. Craddock Jr.  
<sigtom at sigtom.com> wrote:

> To record digi cable and/or HD shows from your cable box, you can
> request a cable box with firewire output, search this list for more info
> on this, its been covered extensively.

You know, I started by trying to find the archives. But I never would've  
thought of looking for firewire stuff. If I can get one of those, that'd  
be the easiest place to start, I imagine.

> Depending on what channels your
> cable co lets thru on the firewire, it may be all you need, cutting out
> a capture card completely.

That'd be awesome. Though I could see wanting some sort of combination of  
inputs at some point.

> If they arent that generous on the amount of
> channels comming in over firewire, then yeah youll need a cap card, and
> svid is about as good as it gets...and yes youll need an ir blaster to
> control the cable box to change channels etc.  For OTA HD shows, you can
> get a few cards, the pchdtv3000 and air2pc being 2 of them, I use both
> with no problems, and just hook up an antenna and see what channels you
> get OTA.  If its just shows on regular cable (below channel 125) then
> you can just a cap card that has coax input and hook it up to the cap
> card, itll tune up to channel 125 on most cards, altho my experience has
> been cable cos usually dont go above 80-90 with analog cable.  Hope this
> helps some.

Yeah, thanks a lot!

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