[mythtv-users] Audio in TvTime, not captured in Myth

Edwin Chang kalvnhobbz2 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 29 07:26:01 UTC 2005

I've got a Leadtek 2000XP Deluxe with a Turtle Beach
Santa Cruz card in Fedora Core 4, but I'm having
trouble capturing audio (so no audio in live tv or
recordings). I've set up alsamixer to capture on the
line in and set the capture volume high, but audio
still isn't captured by myth. The santa cruz seems to
have two capture inputs for some reason in alsamixer,
and I've tried every possible combination with the tv
audio line in but haven't been able to make it work.

I know audio is coming through because if I unmute the
line in the audio works fine in TvTime...

I noticed this in the mythfrontend stdout:

2005-08-29 03:22:02.398 Using protocol version 15
2005-08-29 03:22:02.427 Using protocol version 15
2005-08-29 03:22:02.854 Opening audio device
2005-08-29 03:22:02.855 Opening OSS audio device

I don't belive I'm using anything except alsa, so I'm
not sure why OSS is showing up there. Could this be
causing a conflict that's breaking audio capture?
Audio output works fine, though.

Thanks for any advice!

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