[mythtv-users] TV-out working but not with myth

Mark Gardner markgard at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 00:51:20 UTC 2005

Platform SUSE 9.3

The tv-out is working splendidly, however I cannot watch tv.  Myth
will record a show just fine (can see it in the recoded progams and
mythweb) However when I try to watch the recording All I get is a
blank screen. no audio.  If I try to watch live tv all I get is a
black screen and then it crashes.  The USE 350 hardware section is

the dd if=/dev/vido0 of=/dev/video16 works kinda...
If the frambuffer is loaded then the fb will stay on top, I assume the
video is playing underneath because I hear the audio.

Not even sure where to start troubleshooting this one.

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  ~ Mark
         Gardner ~

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