[mythtv-users] Network, FC4, and APT issues

Peter Judge peter at judge.co.za
Sun Aug 28 17:12:58 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-08-28 at 12:09 -0400, J. Scott wrote:
> I have a couple of issues I'm dealing with on my myth box right now. I
> hope someone might be able to lend a hand.
> 1. Every time I restart the computer, access to the internet fails. I
> can still transfer files to other computers on my local network, but
> internet access is blocked. When I start my browser, it comes back
> almost immediately with "www.google.com could not be found"
> Interestingly, all I have to do to enable internet access is to open
> the 'Network' control panel and select 'Save' from the menu (without
> making any changes in the settings). Internet access is then
> immediately enabled until I restart the computer again.

It might be that the network service isn't set up to start on reboot.
You can enable that in Desktop/System Settings/Server Settings/Services.
make sure you save your settings after changing them.

> 2. I just upgraded from FC3 to FC4 (via disc) on my backend/frontend.
> Now when I try to run APT, I get an error that 'The program version
> 4.3 doesn't match environment version'. I updated the sources.list
> file to reflect FC4, but this didn't fix the problem.
> I also get an error about a lot of unmet dependencies when I try
> "apt-get dist-upgrade". It recommends running "apt-get --fix-broken",
> but when I do that it implies that it is going to uninstall half of my
> system. Note that when I try to run yum I get the same type of errors.

I had the same problem on my other box. I ended up installing from
scratch (and learning a valuable lesson wrt backups along the way).

-- Peter

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