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Brad mythtv at braddolman.com
Sun Aug 28 03:19:09 UTC 2005

Actually, its mostly the screen that I like... I dream of being able  
to check the weather and start MythMusic without turning on my TV.  
It'd be cool to have it display pictures from the photo library when  
it was idle too. Also, the screen can be turned off - and it probably  
wouldn't be too difficult to do that in software as well -- such as  
when starting a movie.

It's pretty big, but I'm looking for an upgrade from my current  
Pundit setup anyway. Need more HDs... and tuners...  ;-)

> On 8/28/05, Joe Votour <joevph at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I don't like the look of it either, but it's the
> > built-in screen that I don't like.
> >
> > I see it as a distraction, especially if you're
> > watching a movie (or TV) with the lights dimmed/off.
> Totally agreed. While the gimmick factor is high, after the lights go
> out you'll want it off PDQ.
> > But then again, I prefer the minimalist look, I have a
> > SilverStone LC10, no VFD. Just a plain looking case.
> I'd like to see quality cases with well thought-out thermal zoning and
> heatsinking, dimmed LEDs, suitably located storage bays, and including
> the small extras that show the manufacturer is going the extra mile.
> Nick
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