[mythtv-users] Playing dvd images (iso) using xine

Jason McMillon jmcmillon at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 19:20:37 UTC 2005

Thanks... That was it.  Now i can play things via the command line
using xine -pfhq --no-splash dvd:/video/ripped/whatever.iso.  By the
way, I don't need the trailing slash for some reason.

One more quick newbie question.  I have managed to use xine to play my
MythVideo files using xine -pfhq --no-splash %s.  I have spent the
last hour trying to get the dvd image file to work within MythVideo. 
I have created a new MythVideo File Association within the Video
settings called .iso. I am having trouble with the right command.  I
have tried:

xine -pfhq --no-splash dvd:%s
xine -pfhq --no-splash dvd:%s/
xine -pfhq --no-splash dvd:/%s
xine -pfhq --no-splash dvd:/video/ripped/%s

The iso's are stored in /video/ripped/ along with all other MythVideo files.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks again for peoples time...


On 8/27/05, Jesper Sörensen <jesper at datapartner.se> wrote:
> Jason Mcmillon wrote:
> >Like many other people on this list, I am trying to create a Myth DVD
> >juke box.  I want to be able to create images (iso) of my dvd
> >collection and be able to play them back in MythVideo with full menus.
> > I have successfully created images using Scott's script below and
> >using dvdshrink in windows (to make sure the problem isn't with the
> >script).  I am having difficulty getting them to play in both
> >MythVideo (by adding a new extension type .iso and .ISO) and from the
> >command line using xine.
> >
> >When I try xine -pfhq --no-splash dvd://THOMAS_CROWN_AFFAIR_16X9.iso I get:
> >
> >
> I think you need to use
> "dvd:/full/path/to/THOMAS_CROWN_AFFAIR_16X9.iso". (Doesn't matter if
> it's in the current directory).
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