[mythtv-users] Is MythTV the right tool for the job?

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 03:48:16 UTC 2005

On 8/26/05, Dewey Smolka <dsmolka at gmail.com> wrote:
> >   Be able to burn my DVD collection to a streaming media server.
> >   Have a HTPC at my TV.
> >   Have On Screen menus for selecting DVDs
> >   Have the ability to schedule "broadcasting" or a playlist of shows.
> >   Retain the 5.1 or greater sound capabilities.
> >
> I'd look into using dvd::rip to get the films into a good format, then
> MythVideo for cataloging and playing them. It's a wrapper for
> transcode, and offers a lot of flexibility with output. I generally
> use it with xvid to shrink the video down, but it works with lots of
> codecs, or as raw DVD mpeg-2. It also allows ac3 pass-through for
> keeping 5.1 sound.
> Mythvideo is really useful as a browser and catalog database. You can
> set the default player command in the Settings -> Mythvideo settings
> menu, and you can assign a specific command for each video file
> through the Video Manager.
> There was a discussion here not too long ago on loading dvd isos into
> the database as well.
> _______________________________________________

I'd preferably go the 'creat an iso' route (to preserve all parts of
the disc, including dts audio et al), still use mythvideo (vlc as the
player or mplayer), probably along with mythstream via mythweb, and do
it that way.  But that's because I don't have a problem at all getting
those things setup.  Another option is to use a project that is
dedicated to being a DVD frontend.  For the life of me I can't think
of the name, but it seems like it was built on slack and was basically
a bootable disc that worked really nicely with just about anything
you've got.  I'm sure freshmeat has loads of options, that may include
what I'm referring to.

Good Luck!

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