[mythtv-users] Problems with Via C3 compile? (Was: mythplugin: Ungültiger Maschinenbefehl (unknown machine command?))

Thomas Kuster mythtv at fam-kuster.ch
Fri Aug 26 21:09:44 UTC 2005

> >i586. _not_ i686. The C3 doesn't have some instructions from the ppro,
> >as far as I know. However, I don't have this hardware so could be
> >completely wrong. Anyone else want to chime in here?

I am confused:
i586 = pentium
i686 = higher then i486 but not intel (amd)?
C3 = Via?
C3-2 = Via?

> Check out the new Kernel howto section, reachable from bottom left, front
> page of epialinux.org. Depending upon the actual revision level of the Via
> chip, it will appear to be one thing to the compiler while not actually
> having the capability. So you have to, in effect, tell the compiler that
> it is an 'i586' instead of the 'i686' which it thinks it is.
> The latest SP boards (and likely the MII boards) are actually 686, while
> others before that are actually '586.
> Lots more info in that Howto.

Thanks. I read the howto, to learn more and then I hope I understand what Vic 
means with C3 C3-2.


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