[mythtv-users] Network control?

Andrew Ziobro aziobro at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 02:25:18 UTC 2005

I use VNC to connect to the machine from my laptop. 

On 8/25/05, Mickey Chandler <mickc at whizardries.com> wrote:
> I had a brainstorm the other day, and didn't notice any mention of it
> in the archives.
> Has anyone thought of controlling a tv over the network, like through Mythweb?
> My wife and I have 3 kids and we both work at home.  The Myth box is
> in our bedroom.  The kids are constantly interrupting us asking us to
> let them watch some show or another.  While we don't mind them
> watching Dora the Explorer or Tom & Jerry, it's a bit of a pain
> getting up and going to the bedroom to start the show. (They aren't
> allowed access to the keyboard or the [currently non-working] remote
> control after almost breaking them about a month ago.)  So I got to
> wondering if there was some way for us to start the show from our
> desks, or if we're kind of stuck getting up and running to the
> bedroom every couple of hours or so.
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