[mythtv-users] hooking Foxtel up to myth

Marty Ravell mythtv at rave-tech.com.au
Fri Aug 26 02:05:55 UTC 2005

I currently have Foxtel hooked into a PVR-350 via composite and it records
beautifully. Last thing to do is get my lirc transmitter up and running so
that MythTV can change the channels. My Foxtel is analogue though.

Sorry, I don't do HDTV and do not know anything about your card.

Will attempt to get the lirc transmitter running this weekend. Can send you
config files etc should you wish. Let me get it working first.

Follow Jarod's Guide and I am pretty sure you can get the rig you described
working fairly easily. 400Gb should be heaps. I'd advise you to use a
logical volume manager for organizing that.


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hi all,

is it possible to have Australian Foxtel going into mythtv and
displayed to my tv?
I have

AMD 2800+
512 Meg of RAM
Fusion HDTV capture card
100Gb Hard drive
300Gb hard drive

currently my Foxtel is plugged into my TV,
I would like to have everything centrally controlled by mythtv. Is
this possible?

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