[mythtv-users] Confusion about transcoding, Nuvexport / ffmpeg/ mythtranscode

Matt Mousseau matt at amsvans.com
Thu Aug 25 17:42:23 UTC 2005

Can said nupplevideo files be converted at a later time (not-reencoded)
to a standard avi? Or would that require re-processing? I'd like all my
transcoded recordings to be on the watch recordings screen. Myth Video I
plan on using for my dvd / home movie archive.

Good to hear that nuv is multi-proc aware, but is myth's transcoder?

Matthew Mousseau
AMSVans, Inc. Webmaster
matt at amsvans.com

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> Oh, one more thing, is either ffmpeg (that's what nuvexport uses to 
> actually do the transcode, right?) or mythtranscode multi-threaded? 
> IE, will they take advantage of a dual processor machine?

nuvexport is multi-proc aware, and passes any appropriate threading 
options to ffmpeg (or transcode, as is my preference).

The other thing to note is that mythtranscode produces nupplevideo 
files, usable only by mythtv.  Nuvexport can produce all kinds of other 

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