[mythtv-users] (UK) Front end hardware recommendations

R. Geoffrey Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Aug 25 17:16:24 UTC 2005

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:17:51 +0100, James Fidell wrote:

>Anyone care to recommend hardware for a front-end-only box that can be
>reasonably easily sourced in the UK?  Requirements are really only that
>it should be quiet and not look desperately out of place when stacked
>next to the AV amp.
>Is it worth considering an Xbox rather than building something from

If you are looking for a good looking case, check out the Silverstone
line. I have an LC11M which is very restrained looking unit. In black the
front face is, to a quick glance, entirely blank. It looks like audio or
video gear. Comes with a power supply which is basically silent. The
noisiest part is an included 80mm fan. I'm going to drop it to 7 volts and
see what it sounds like.

Takes a mATX board, or a miniITX (VIA) board. Has 3 horizontal board
slots, one of which can be AGP, and 2 PCI with the  included riser card.
If you use a mini-ITX board you need a PCI extender for each board. ($8.00
Will hold 2, possibly 3 hardrives and has one stealthed front CD/DRVD
opening. For a front end you might only need one big drive anyway.

Since you want it for a front-end, the 'M' model with the included VFD and
IR setup sounds right for you. I haven't got it working yet but there are
drivers 'out there'. Try searching on 'iMON'....


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